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4.  In the northern wall, next the apse:   Christ with two
attendants ; in the background a walled city.
The Eastern Bay. On the northern wall;
5.  Above the arched recess: two medallion heads of SS. Sergius
and Bacchus.
6.  Portions of the figure of a warrior.
7.  In the arch above Nos. 5 and 6 : the Gate of Paradise.
8.  In the centre, one of the cherubims on a pillar.    On the
left hand, a multitude, painted on black background outside Paradise j on the right, Paradise, a garden full of trees on a white background. Here also are John the Baptist and a figure, probably the Virgin and Child, on a throne, attended by two angels.
On the southern wall:
8.  A portion of the figure of an armed angel. Above No. 8 and at the side of the window :
9.  Two men carrying a bier or platform.    In front of them
a third person giving directions.
i o. In the arched recess ; full-length figures of Andronicus IL and his family. In the solit of the arch, the head of Christ in a medallion, with rays issuing from behind the aureola.
ii, and 12. In the spandrils above the recess; two heads in medallions.
13, In the dome vault: the Last Judgment. Christ in judgment fills the centre 5 behind Him are the twenty-four elders seated on a long throne $ farther back is gathered the heavenly host.